Diamond Corp is creating a new master planned community named Garrison Point on 30 Ordnance Street in Toronto.

Garrison Point Condominiums

Garrison Point Condominiums

Garrison Point is a two stage development consisting of condominiums, townhomes, and retail space. There will be five buildings in total and 1,666 units available for purchase. The heights of these condos will be 24, 29, 33, 35 and 39 storeys, respectively. With the remaining space a park and a olympic sized pool is proposed and will be designed by Claude Cormier, a world renowned landscape architect. This will be a true community with all the amenities required for convenience and luxury living.

The surrounding area have some of the hottest Toronto destinations. From the shops of Queen West, to the clubs and restaurants on King West, and the hip bars on Ossington. If that is not enough there is much more, including, BMO Field, The CNE, and Liberty Village.

With architect firms like Pontarini Architects, bKL Architecture, and Claude Cormier this will be a truly inspiring community.

Features and finishes for Garrison Point Condominiums. You can expect everything about these condos to follow the new standards of high end condos. 9 foot ceilings, laminate flooring, energy efficient windows. balconies, and security. Kitchens will more contemporary, with designer cabinetry, granite countertops, stainless steal appliances. The bathrooms will follow a similar trend with designer cabinetry, granite countertops, chrome faucets, and soaker tub. Security is part of this neighbourhood providing 24 hour concierge, and closed circuit televisions systems.

The River City Condo development is on its final construction phase. This is the third tower by Urban Capital and Waterfront Toronto. It will be a 28 storey addition. Its currently in pre-construction, with sales starting in summer of 2014. Visit www.river-city-condos.ca to see available suits in all 3 phases.

This area is in the re-development stages and will be a very valuable location to make an investment in. The athletes village for the pan-am games will be constructed in 2015. The revitalization of the area will include updated infrastructure to access area’s of the city more easily. The underpass park used to be an eyesore but with a lot of upgrades and money invested it is an urban gem.

This will be Toronto’s first LEED Gold certified development. This basically means how green the development will be based on certain aspects. These include: site development, water efficiency, energy efficiency, material selection, indoor environmental quality, innovation in design, and regional priority. There are for rankings, certified, silver, gold, and platinum.

The views from the River City Condos will be spectacular. Not many area of Toronto will have a good vantage point to see extensive green space, a view of the lake, and Toronto’s skyline.

The purchase of your new home is one of the largest investments you will ever make. Having your new or resale home professionally inspected is one of the most important steps in the purchasing process.

Your Reno Home Inspection Professional….Weintz Inspection Services, has over twenty years of construction experience in northern Nevada . Your Reno Home Inspection Professional inspects all of the visible mechanical and structural components of the home. Weintz Inspection Services provides a simple comprehensive report with digital photos that will assist you in negotiating the purchase of your home. This will protect you against costly repairs that you may incur after the process of buying a home is complete.

Based on the new home construction experience of your Reno New Home Inspection Professional, many of the oversight items occur because of the following situations. The code inspectors have a heavy workload and there is lack of coordination between the new home superintendent and the construction crew.
Most new home builders hire subcontractors and expect them to provide their own quality control for their phase in the new home construction process. In the end when the new home is completed, the final product may not be fully inspected to ensure that the new home has been constructed to comply with current quality and construction standards and that all mechanical systems of the new home are operating properly.

Based on the numerous years of new home construction experience of your Reno New Home Inspection Professional, many buyers feel that they are all alone in their new home buying experience. Every one works for the new home builder. New home buyers feel that they need someone they can trust who can be on their side to objectively evaluate the condition of their new home investment.

Many of the resale home inspections performed by your Reno New Home Inspection Professional on properties that are less than five years old reveal the flaws that the new home builder could have corrected had the new home buyer discovered such flaws at the time prior to taking possession of their new home or during the warranty period.
By the time some of these flaws are detected the repairs are already extensive. Had the flaws been earlier detected, no matter how cosmetic they may seem, a lot of unexpected expenses could have been avoided. When these flaws are detected in the beginning or during the warranty period, the new home builder incurs the cost and burden of repair whereas when these flaws are discovered beyond the warranty period, the cost and burden of repair and correction now become solely the owners’ responsibility.

This is where the role of your Reno New Home Inspection Professional becomes priceless. The cost to hire a Reno New Home Professional versus the cost of repairs when you resell your home is insignificant. Your Reno New Home Inspection Professional charges only $270 if the size of the new home is less than 2000 square feet, but the cost of repairs could be several thousands of dollars. The price comparison between your Reno New Home Inspection Professional and the possible cost and burden for unforeseen repairs makes very good economical sense to every new home investor.

Do not be among the ones who will regret the consequences arising from lack of professional knowledge.
Your Reno New Home Inspection Professional has over twenty years of new home construction experience and has been the new home builder’s representative giving your Reno New Home Inspection Professional the insight to the processes or lack of processes involving the quality in the construction of a new home. Having this experience behind your Reno New Home Inspection Professional, you stand to benefit as a new home buyer when you hire Weintz Inspection Services. Your Reno New Home Inspection Professional will give you an objective report on the condition of your new home. Your Reno New Home Inspection Professional will provide you with the information that you need to help you avoid possible costly repairs.
Your Reno New Home Inspection Professional is certified and insured as required by the Nevada division of real estate under inspector of structures.

You are investing so much time and money in buying your new home. You deserve to know all the aspects that could affect the integrity and marketability of your new home purchase. Your Reno New Home Inspection Professional will help you get the peace of mind when you purchase your new home. Your peace of mind is definitely worth the price of a qualified Reno New Home Inspection Professional.

Reno is booming with many new homes. Many new home buyers have the impression that new homes are flawless. In thinking this way, many new home buyers usually disregard one of the most important aspects involved in buying a new home…hiring a Reno New Home Inspection Professional.

Your Reno new home inspection professional has over twenty years of experience in the new home construction business. Because of this experience, your Reno New Home Inspection Professional, Weintz Inspection Services, believes that most new home buyers must be aware that they have no agency representation in their new home buying process. The sales agent on site is really the new home builder’s agent. From this perspective, it is important for new home buyers to take steps that will protect their new home investment.

That’s where your Reno New Home Inspection Professional plays a very vital part in this entire experience. After all Reno new home buyers are putting their resources in the biggest investment they will ever make. Doesn’t it make sense to invest a few hundred dollars in a qualified Reno New Home Inspection Professional to get an objective evaluation of your new home which is worth several hundred thousand dollars?
Most home builders allow new home buyers to hire their own new home inspectors. Based on the numerous new home inspections performed by your Reno New Home Inspection Professional, there are still many overlooked items that do not become known to the new home buyer until the latter part of the new home buyer’s ownership or until the latter resells the home.


Introducing http://www.condo-guide.ca, a list of pre construction condos in the Toronto area.  Get the latest information about future condos in the GTA.  Compare different condos in different areas, with our condo guide you will be able to find the home of your dreams.

http://www.cond0-guide.ca will provide you with the lastest information and sneak peeks of developments of new and pre constructions.

Condo shopping could not be any easier, with a huge list of condos you all neighbourhoods of Toronto, you can sign up and receive news letters and launch dates for the specific condo you are interested in. Let http://www.condo-guide.ca be your source and let us help you find the perfect condo for you.



Now that you are Pre-approved and know how much you can afford to spend on that new home, its time to choose a neighborhood. People don’t just buy a new home, they buy the neighborhood the home lies in. Think about it, if you find that perfect new home but it was in a neighborhood that did not meet your needs, would you still make an offer on it? For most buyers the answer would be, “No.”
At this point you will want to start considering what you want and need in a neighborhood, compiling another list can help you narrow these down. The important items you might want to consider are things like how living in the neighborhood will affect your commute and drive time to and from your place of employment, what amenities does the neighborhood offer (open space, grassy parks, swimming pool, etc.), and, probably the most important aspect of a neighborhood, what school district your children will be in and how close to the schools you are.
Realtors can help you consolidate the information from your list of needs and wants for your home, your pre-approval, and your list of needs and wants for the neighborhood. You can combine and use this information to start a broad home search profile, at this point it will then be narrowed down to specific areas and neighborhoods dictated by the area and neighborhoods you will be looking in. Urban Synergy Realty’s experience in local markets will be a valuable resource during this step.

11 Wellesley Condo

Lanterra Developments has unveiled its plans for a derelict 2.1-acre lot at 11 Wellesley St., just west of Yonge St., a prime piece of downtown real estate that’s been the focus of a fierce community push for a public park. 11 Wellesley is registering now, please sign up at http://www.11wellesleycondo.ca/

Lanterra is proposing to build a condo tower as high as 50 storeys on a portion of the site, to be surrounded by a 1.5-acre community park, thus addressing the wishes of local ratepayers.

The condo also might include office space in its podium and retail stores at ground level, such as a restaurant backing onto the park. Read More →

For the majority of  home buyers, the home buying process can be complex and intimidating. We’ve put together a guide outlining the process, including what steps you need to be ready for, complete with very detailed advice.
1. Identify Your Needs in a Home
2. Mortgage Pre-approval
3. Neighborhood Information
4. Search and View Listings
5. Making an Offer
6. Negotiate The Final Purchase Price
7. Hiring and Finding Vendors
8. Closing Day Preparation
9. Closing on your new Home
10. After Closing


Now that you have in mind what type of home you want, you are now ready to hit the road and start looking! Well, not quite yet. Your next step is to establish the price range you will be looking in. Probably the most important aspect of a new home purchase is getting your Pre-qualification or Pre-approval for your new Denver Home mortgage, this process will help you establish what your monthly payments will be and what price range you will need to be looking in.
You will need to contact a Mortgage company and have a consultation with a mortgage professional. There are some key differences between pre-qualification and pre-approval for a mortgage that you, as a buyer should be aware of. Loan prequalification is a simple and quick step. It takes into account some basic information regarding your financial status, credit rating and gives you an amount for which you may qualify for. This can be completed on a verbal level over the phone or electronically over the Internet with various companies. The pre-qualified amount is based on the information you provide to the mortgage professional. In today’s housing market, pre-qualified buyers usually have a slight disadvantage when compared to pre-approved buyers. This is due to the fact that the information given to the mortgage professional during the prequalification process is not fully investigated in detail and therefore may be unreliable. A pre-approved buyer is 100% approved for a mortgage of a certain amount, a pre-qualified buyer is told that they could be approved for a certain loan amount based on the information given verbally to the mortgage professional.
The Pre-approval process is a much more detailed and time consuming process. The mortgage professional will take all pertinent information regarding your finances, credit history, liquid assets, and seasoned money for down payment and perform an extensive check on your current financial status. This process will ultimately give you the exact amount that you will be eligible for. Being pre-approved shows the seller that you a strong buyer that has gone through the extensive financial background check and there should not be any unexpected obstacles to buying the home. You can see how being pre-approved will make your offer stronger and will be more attractive to a seller than just being pre-qualified.
In order to make a serious offer to buy your new home, you must submit a sum of money known as “Earnest Money”. This money will need to be easily accessible so it doesn’t delay the process and will allow you to start negotiating.